02 February 2012

NaNoWriMo VI: The 30K Club

I really have joined the 30K Club! I crossed that threshold just before the end of January and I meant to celebrate it here with a post but I was tired that night and then tonight I decided to just get back to writing. I only meant to knock out another 1000 words but I got carried away and hit nearly 2400, bringing my current word count to 32,430! I've advanced the narrative, escalated conflicts and (hopefully) created a very believable and accessible story in which most readers will recognize themselves and their friends. (I'm sure my friends will recognize themselves, since I have shamelessly plagiarized from their lives!)

In the last ~12000 words, I have introduced a few minor characters as well. I elected to create a gay couple as a nod to the LGBT community of which I am an outspoken defender. I decided they should be men because, and I'm trusting you to understand how I mean this, lesbians are often too "mainstream." That is to say, there's a certain segment of the public that will say, "Two chicks together is hot!" but disparage the rest of the GBT population. I didn't want to have that kind of reaction (though I'm certainly not above such shamelessness in another story). So I decided that I would write those characters as guys. If/when this thing ever gets published, I'm hopeful it will meet the approval of my LGBT readers.

Music that I've listened to while writing this portion of the novel:

26 January

  • Glory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Music Composed and Conducted by James Horner
  • Set This Circus Down - Tim McGraw

28 January

30 January

31 January

2 February

I didn't really introduce any new products in this section, though I have picked out one that will appear very soon. Want a tease? Thought you might.

Glock 19. 9mm. Holds 15 rounds, plus one in the chamber. Not a stapler.


  1. So pleased and proud of you.  I am sure you have done the gays justice with your characters.  I am getting excited to see the end product.

  2. Well, what I've basically done, Larry, is I've written a pair of male characters who happen to be in a relationship with one another. I didn't want to make a big show of saying, "Hey! Look! There are gay dudes here!" I figured that the LGBT community is better served by there being characters who happen to be gay. I think sometimes the best way to "wave the flag" is to put it down and just be. So that's what these two guys do. They're just there, as individuals, rather than as ambassadors for the LGBT community. And in that, I think, they can do the most good in the context of the story I'm writing.