14 February 2012

My V-Day Gift to You, Dear Reader

I've always been ambivalent at best toward St. Valentine's Day and one thing I appreciated about my relationship with my wife was that she was content to skip over it, too. Of course, we had three various anniversary dates: 27 December (2002) was the first time we socialized; 7 January (2006) was our wedding and 22 February (2003) was our first date. Adding in V-Day, which wasn't even about her and I, just seemed extraneous. This year, I'm probably bitterer than I have ever been but I'm trying to salvage the day. To that end, I have a present for you, Dear Reader.

This expires from Hulu in just fifteen days so you'll want to stream it soon (and often!). I am entirely in love with Amélie and while I resent the commercial interruptions, at least it's a free, legal stream.

Since I haven't heard back from Katy Perry, I'm going to assume my night is wide open for me to just watch this repeatedly.

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