12 January 2012

NaNoWriMo III: Game On!

Okay, so NaNoWriMo ended at midnight on 30 November. I clearly failed to meet that deadline (though I was well on pace to finish on time). I got off track because of my personal life drama, and it just seemed impossible to even care about the novel. Thanks in large part to a new friend of mine, though, I have renewed my enthusiasm for the project and a couple nights ago I resumed writing. I left off at 10,397 words. I left off tonight at 13,367 words and have finally begun to get to the guts of the story. I dashed off almost 2,000 words tonight in less than two hours. I'm excited to be writing again and I look forward to chronicling my progress here until I can report completion of the first draft. Then, of course, comes the fun stuff.

It has come to my attention that there will be a Pitch the Publisher event in my area in the coming months. Publishers are invited now to begin committing to it, and authors (or would-be authors like myself) are allowed to begin registering 1 May. I intend to complete my first draft well before then, and to revise, revise, revise until the event itself. Then, I'll hope my guts cooperate and I get to actually attend. After that, of course, the plan is for every publisher present to become embroiled in an outrageous bidding war over my novel, which will then become a national bestseller and I'll make a killing off the movie rights. I look forward to mingling with Mila Kunis at the premiere party. It's not a concrete plan, of course. I'll be happy to mingle with Emma Stone and/or Kristen Bell, as well. You can't expect every detail of a plan to work out in life, you know.

In reality, of course, I'll be very fortunate if anyone is interested and I know that if they are, there'll be a lot of editing and rewriting that they'll insist upon before they're willing to consider publishing my novel. That's okay with me, of course. I know that just finishing it doesn't make it ready for public consumption. I'm willing to do the work until it is. And you better believe I will shamelessly promote the ever-loving hell out of it if and when there's an actual product for sale!

By the way, for anyone who may care to know these things, last night I listened to Dierks Bentley's Up on the Ridge while writing and the night before, I played Rolfe Kent's score to Sideways. I figure I only wrote for the first six days of November. I resumed writing on the 9th of January (just a few touch-ups, but they count). So by my reckoning, if I can finish by 2 February, I can have the consolation prize of knowing I could have made my 30 day deadline had my world not become upside down a week into it.


  1. I am glad to see you working on it again.  I hope you invite me to the premiere also (Shameless plug) and since you will be rich of course pay for it (Laughing as I type this.)  I want to meet Mila and what other celebrity happens to be there (I am sure some would satisfy my likes too).  If we are to dream, we might as well dream big.  Keep going and I can't wait to buy a signed copy.

  2. I can't wait to sell you a signed copy, Larry! :P