04 December 2011

Pre-Christmas 2011

Star Trek

I decided this year, I would put up an all-Star Trek tree. I've thought about doing it off and on for years, but by the time I had enough ornaments to do it, I wasn't single anymore and while I was fortunate enough to meet someone who accepted my inner geek, I wasn't about to push my luck with this themed tree. This year, though, it's just me. It's also the twentieth anniversary of when I became interested in Star Trek (thanks to the teaser poster for The Undiscovered Country) and it's played an important part in my life ever since. I've included one photo below, but if you follow this link, you can see an album of images I've posted on Facebook. I also invite you to follow the previous link to my blog post for Flickchart about the Star Trek VI poster.
My Deep Space Nine assortment.
A small bit of tangential Trek news for me: Last week, Amazon ran a sale on Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection Blu-ray box set. I had accrued enough Amazon credit through Swagbucks that I only paid 32 cents out of pocket. As soon as I'm finished making my way through The Sopranos, I am going to gorge on that box set!

Kitty Cats

I generally hate the idea of putting clothes or costumes on animals. It reinforces the concept of them as toys to accessorize rather than as living creatures. Still, while searching for a specific ornament a little while ago (which continues to elude me), I happened upon this little elf hat for critters. The cats were all being quiet and sedate, so it seemed a perfect time to try to snag a photo or two of at least one of them wearing the thing. I managed to get it onto Ramona and Josephine; Muffin was too fast and I'm not courageous enough to try to get Harriet to wear such a thing.

You can see the top of Harriet's head behind Mona. She was concerned that I might try to do this to her, but I think she was also kind of entertained seeing it happen to one of the others. (Astute observers will also spot my niece's Care Bear, as well as my library of Star Trek DVDs; their inclusion was entirely incidental.) That photo opportunity went over well enough I decided to push my luck with Josephine. She's the most patient of the foursome, but when she freaks out, she can draw blood in a hurry and that is not hyperbole. Fortunately for me, she indulged me and I managed to get this shot of her. She's as pathetic as she is adorable, and I think that comes through in this photo quite clearly.
No photographer was harmed in the staging of these photographs.


  1. How cute there is no way my cat would sit still and let me put that on him. I am glad you were not harmed in the staging of the photos.

  2. I had all of about seven seconds with Ramona. I got lucky to get a clear photo of her. Josephine surprised me by just kind of flopping.