22 November 2011

Mini Pizzas

Growing up, we often made mini pizzas. It was nice as kids to not only have something sized proportionate to ourselves, but to be able to help with the preparation. Mini pizzas are ridiculously simple and even someone as disinclined toward the culinary arts as myself can manage them. I had my niece spend the night with me tonight, and saw fit to share this small tradition with her. She's a smart girl with strong intuition; as soon as I told her about it being something I grew up doing, she immediately saw that it was something she would be able to one day pass on to children of her own--which she quickly assured me she was in no rush to have. Thank God, since she's only nine!

So here's how we do mini pizzas, illustrated by photos taken tonight.


  • 1 package hamburger buns
  • 1 jar pizza sauce
  • 1 bag shredded cheese
  • other toppings as desired; we elected to add grilled chicken strips

Step One

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Open the hamburger buns and arrange them on the cookie sheet. I find it works best to have the thicker top parts on the outside.

Step Two

Spoon some pizza sauce onto each bun. You don't want too much, because this can cause a mess later. It takes a little trial and error to find what the right amount for your taste is. Tonight, my niece applied two spoonfuls per bun and that seemed about perfect.

Step Three

Toppings! We bought a small package of pre-grilled chicken strips, and cut those into small pieces to add to each bun. I normally add cheese last, but my niece was adamant that the cheese go atop the sauce directly. You're welcome to do it in any order you--or your children--prefer.

Step Four

Set the oven to 350 degrees. Let them bake for about 10 minutes. Check them to see how well they're coming along; no one wants an unfinished pizza! You know your taste about how dark the pizza ought to be. Ours were perfect at around 14 minutes.

We found we still had half a jar of pizza sauce and half a bag of cheese remaining after preparing our mini pizzas, but of course you can't buy half a jar of sauce or half a bag of cheese. You can plan on buying two packages of buns, or you can simply find another use for the remaining ingredients. My niece was full after three or four mini-pizzas, so you don't have to count on each child consuming half of a bag of buns individually.

The important thing, of course, isn't even how they turn out but rather the shared experience of making them. My niece was quite proud of her handiwork, and rightly so--they were terrific mini pizzas! She may not remember how they turned out later, but hopefully she'll recall how nice it was to make them with me.


  1. I may steal your recipe and try it with my nephew!

    1. By all means! Obviously, you can substitute whatever toppings you want. I think the next time I make Alfredo sauce, I might make some mini-pizzas with that and the grilled chicken. I've also made taco mini-pizzas, using taco sauce and taco meat with Mexican blend shredded cheese. Those were pretty good, too!