10 November 2011

Advice from a Sno Cone Vendor

Many years ago (probably about twenty of 'em by now), I was at a flea market with a friend of mine and we happened upon a chatty Sno Cone vendor named Keith.  He was probably in his early to mid-20s.  After a few minutes of idle chit chat, I thought I'd see if he had any wisdom that my friend and/or I might be able to use.  I asked, "What's the best way to get women?"

Keith paused for a moment and reflected upon my query.  Then he replied:
"Be rich."  Then he quickly added, "And flaunt it."
It hadn't occurred to me at the time, but now I suspect that Keith himself was lacking for female companionship at the time and probably blamed the fact he worked the Sno Cone kiosk at the fairgrounds.  It can't have been particularly rewarding, either financially or emotionally (though I like to believe the few minutes spent chatting with us livened up the guy's afternoon that day).  Was Keith a self-pitying cynic?  Or was there some merit to what he suggested?

I don't know.  Hell, I'm a guy writing a blog post built around what a Sno Cone vendor told me as an adolescent.  Clearly, I'm not qualified to write a column about dating.  Nor do I really know what you're supposed to do with this anecdote, for that matter.  I simply thought I'd share and leave it to you to divine a use for it.

Note: I am currently working on NaNoWriMo. This blog post was written in advance during October.

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