16 October 2011

"The Posthumous Romance of Charles and Rae"

This is probably not a big deal to anyone else, but for me it's a small little victory and since I'm working on celebrating the positive things in my life, I'm taking a moment to simply enjoy this one.  I've written a short story rather inspired by my recent treatment for depression called, "The Posthumous Romance of Charles and Rae."  Charles is depressed and succumbs to his suicidal impulse, but as a ghost is able to more freely reconnect with his wife, Rae.

This story is not intended to glamorize suicide or death in the least.  On the contrary, my artistic intent is to illustrate that even within the most depressed person still lives the person they really are and want to be.  For months, I've feared that the man I once was had been lost to depression, and I see now that I was wrong.  I'm still me, and I've been able to reassert myself.  If you suffer from depression, I want you to know that you, too, can overcome this godawful disease in real life.  Being a ghost is only an option in fiction!  And if you're the loved one of someone with depression, I want you to know that no matter how your loved one behaves outwardly, he or she is still inside, struggling to break free.

It's a short story (I think it's 36 Kindle pages) and priced at just 99 cents (or equivalent for foreign markets).  If you don't own a Kindle, that's okay; you can download Amazon's Kindle for PC program (free) which allows you to download Kindle e-books and read on your PC (hence the name of the program).  I was initially going to submit this to be considered for a paranormal romance anthology, but owing to the personal nature of the content I elected instead to self-publish.  So, here are the links and I would very much appreciate it if you would consider splurging on my short story, or at the very least promote it.  Also, of course, I'll be happy to respond to any criticism or reviews either on Amazon's page or here.

Oh, and if you happen to detect shades of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper," that's probably not by accident.  It wasn't a conscious inspiration, but it did cross my mind as I wrote that there were some obvious parallels.

"The Posthumous Romance of Charles and Rae"
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Amazon (France)

Smashwords - download in any e-format of your choice!


  1. I bought the story and read it already, as always you impress me with your talent. It was such a great read, I enjoyed it. I see a very bright future for you

  2. Initially, I was waiting for the news about Canadian purchases, but after you pointed me to www.smashwords.com I was able to purchase your short story. I left a comment on Facebook, in case someone comes here but not there, I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed it. The story was well-written, had a great storyline, and was a touching "nod" to committed love.

    Thank you, again - I recommend it!

  3. Thanks! I'm glad you found it worth your time (and money!). My greatest hope with it is that it will let people see that under the outward behavior of depression still exists the real person. Often, we as patients can reach a point where we feel our old selves have died, to be replaced by the new selves even we cannot stand. Those around us also find it difficult to adapt and they, too, can come to feel that their relative or friend is "too far gone" to be retrieved.

    Perhaps nothing is more important in the entire realm of depression than remembering that the depressed person is not the real person. It is on this premise that the patient can believe there is a worthy goal to treatment (i.e., reasserting himself or herself) and that the outsiders can see the value of sticking it out until their loved one is able to again manage the depression.

  4. I bought it, but have not yet read. It's sitting in my Kindle list waiting for an available moment... but as you might imagine, I have been a little busy writing lately ;)

    - Arthur

  5. I naturally await your review. :-)