08 September 2011

Scam Artists Are Doing Their Homework

I was informed earlier tonight that my grandfather received a call from someone claiming to be me.  This person said that he/I was in Mexico and had been in an accident in a rental car.  He/I had not taken out insurance and needed $5000 to avoid being thrown in Mexican jail.  Fortunately, my grandfather is smarter than the average bear and knew better than to fall for this.  The caller tried to explain not sounding like me as a consequence of the accident, but eventually ran out of deflections and gave up.

I urge anyone reading this to be aware that scam artists are clearly doing their homework.  How they knew to use my name to call him, I don't know, but you can bet however they got that information they can damn sure use the same method to get yours.  If you receive such a call, ferret out the lies and call the person they claim to be to verify that it's a scam.  Then report it to the police.  It's true we'll always have scams but that doesn't mean we should meekly accept them when they cross our paths.


  1. I am not one bit surprised that your grand dad is a smarty-pants as well as you! Bravo! But you are right: we all need to look out for our neighbour. Thanks, Trabis!

  2. Please feel free to not post my previous comment if it has a glaring typo, Travis ... I wasn't sure which button to click and then ... *poof* - it was gone!

    What I wanted to say was that firstly, I am not at all surprised that your grand dad is too clever for this sort of trickery, and secondly, that it's a great cautionary tale for us all to watch out for our neighbours.

    Thanks, Travis!