19 August 2011

Disney Movie Rewards: "Bambi II" $5 Coupon

Bambi II hits Blu-ray + DVD combo pack next Tuesday (23 August).  Disney Movie Rewards is offering the following $5.00 coupon good through next Sunday (28 August).

Click on banner to link directly to Disney Movie Rewards coupon page.
Where to Buy

Best Buy has it on sale for $24.99.  Also, you can save an additional $8.00 if you buy with Bambi (also priced at $24.99).  You may encounter Best Buy employees who resist applying the $5.00 coupon on top of the $8.00 savings, but you should get both savings.
$24.99 Bambi II - $5.00 Disney Movie Rewards coupon = $19.99
$24.99 Bambi II + $24.99 Bambi - $5.00 DMR coupon - $8.00 promotion = $31.98
Target has it on sale for $24.99 before coupon, so unless you intend to snag Bambi at the same time, there's no advantage to one retailer over the other.  Don't forget Walmart will match advertised prices.

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