17 June 2011

"Danger Girl: The Dangerous Collection" Vol. 3

Danger Girl: The Dangerous Collection Vol. 3
J. Scott Campbell - Plot/Pencils
Andy Hartnell - Plot/Script
Alex Garner - Inks - Special Thanks to Scott Williamson
Justin Ponsor - Colors
Comicraft's Dave Lanphear & Wes Abbott - Lettering
John Layman - Assistant Editor
Scott Dunbier - Editor
Ed Roeder - Design
Published November, 1999
Cover Price: $5.95

Collecting Danger Girl #4 and #5, The Dangerous Collection Vol. 3 sees the team pitted against Hammer agents, with whom they are competing to find three artifacts, one of which we learned in Vol. 2 was in the possession of fantasy card game creator Eddy Owen.  Imagine if you tuned in to start watching Raiders of the Lost Ark during the first scene with Indy in Marion's bar and you have an idea how Vol. 3 begins.

Most of Vol. 3 is action, though we do learn some important things and we get to meet the Mysterious Secret Agent Zero, a ninja commando of dubious affiliation.  There's clearly a past between Zero and Danger Girl head Deuce, teasing at an interesting back story I'd like to see explored later--which, of course, was the whole point.  The pace runs at a brisk clip, the dialog is alternately perfunctory and cheeky and the art is pretty much perfect for the tone of Danger Girl.

What irks me is that this is the final Dangerous Collection.  There were two additional single issues to the initial Danger Girl series!  There is Danger Girl: The Ultimate Edition, which collects all seven issues, or I can find issues #6 & 7 individually, but the fact that there was no fourth Dangerous Collection is genuinely disappointing.  I really do look forward to finishing this series, as it has been a lot of fun so far.  Fans of glamour spy stories and adventure tales should have little problem getting into Danger Girl.

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