30 May 2011

"Strangers in Paradise: It's a Good Life" by Terry Moore

Strangers in Paradise: It's a Good Life
By Terry Moore
Introduction by Alisa Kwitney
Date of Publication: 1 May 1998
Cover Price: $8.95
Collects Strangers in Paradise, Volume Two #10-13
152 Pages

The third Strangers in Paradise collection, It's a Good Life chiefly explores the aftermath of I Dream of You, the second story arc.  Francine and David are both compelled to make clear the nature of their relationships with Katchoo, who is recuperating from the events of the preceding story arc and isn't in a particularly genial mood--even by Katchoo standards.  There's nothing obviously important here along the lines of the revelations of I Dream of You, but the character development is immediately engrossing.  Terry Moore deftly explores the nuances of human behavior: emotion, motivation, insecurity, longing, devotion...it's all here.  It's a Good Life could stand as the final act in a three-part story arc, yet the door is clearly open for continuation.  I look forward to the next Strangers in Paradise arc.

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