18 May 2011

"Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness" #1

Paul Renaud cover.
Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1
Written by Andy Hartnell
Art by Chris Bolson
Colors by Adriano Lucas
Letters by Marshall Dillon
Cover by Paul Renaud
Publication: April 2011
Cover Price: $3.99
32 Pages

When I walked into The Great Escape on Free Comic Book Day little more than a week ago, I hadn't set out to buy this.  In fact, I was entirely oblivious to its existence.  Normally, I shy away from licensed-content crossovers as the stories are often little more than glorified fan fiction and/or merchandise catalogs.  Something about this one just called out to me, though, and I took a chance on it.

Abbey Chase is our chief protagonist, a member of Danger Girl--a Charlie's Angels-type assortment of elite female operatives.  When we catch up with her here, she's being hounded by enemies from her past and decides to try to broker a truce with the most prolific.  It turns out this guy's brother has been kidnapped and he's willing to call off his men in exchange for her rescuing his sibling.  This, in turn, leads us to discover that the brother has been in possession of the Book of the Dead (from The Evil Dead movies).

I hate to spoil the entire issue, but this is really just the set-up, as the first of six "episodes."  In true Danger Girl fashion, it runs at a brisk clip with lots of vibrant art and colorful settings.  Sadly, despite the prominence of Bruce Campbell as Ash on the cover, we don't encounter him in this first issue.  Whether I'll keep up with this mini-series remains to be seen (I don't get out to The Great Escape very often), but I liked this first issue and think I would enjoy the remainder.

A note on the cover: There are multiple cover choices.  I presented a few of them to my wife and let her pick, as I was indifferent and I'm well past the point in my collecting where I care about variant rarity.  She selected the Paul Renaud cover shown here.  Turns out that only one in ten printings feature this cover, so don't me miffed if you can't find this version on the shelves.

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