27 April 2011

New Fiction! "Visit to Sean"

Back in November, I wrote "Catch," a small vignette about a guy playing catch with his brother and talking about a story he wanted to write.  I've just finished and posted the second chapter, in which our protagonist pays a visit to a friend of his whom he seeks to recruit to work as the artist on his Daniel Boone vs. Zombies comic book project.  The artist friend is a stoner hipster, and his speaking voice may become tiresome to readers but I feel that his frequent use of specific words and phrases is authentic.  I'm not setting out to depict a stereotype with Sean, which is why I wrote into his characterization some peculiar interest and traits.  Currently, this is just titled, "02 - Visit to Sean."  Hopefully I can get to chapter three before another five months pass.  As always, I welcome feedback and criticism.

Incidentally, I considered titling this chapter, "Julia Roberts and Merle Haggard," but decided against it on the grounds that this chapter is presented largely out of context and I didn't want someone to link to the story because of their names and feel misled.  If I ever complete this story and compile it, though, there's a pretty good chance I'll make that the title for a collected edition.

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