30 April 2011

DVD Talk Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge - Looking Back

I didn't realize until just now, but apparently I forgot to discuss this challenge at all here.  The premise of this theme is to explore cinema meant for a...less discerning...audience.  "The trashier, the better" is the rule here.  I haven't generally had much interest in the milieu, but I did have a few eligible titles sitting on my shelf that I'd been meaning to watch, and now that I can stream movies from Netflix I thought I'd make an effort to participate this year.  Here's my list page.

Don't let the guitar fool you.  Johnny Cash was ruthless.
I set out to basically watch three movies: a pair of movies starring Johnny Cash that I bought on a public domain disc for a buck about five years ago and still hadn't gotten to, and The Opium Connection, which was also a public domain, $1 purchase. I opened the challenge with the Cash double feature, but my player refused to read Opium so it remains unwatched.

In Bitch Slap, these three brutally beat the hell out of each other.
I hadn't planned on it, but I did wind up finally watching the 1949 serial, Batman and Robin, which I bought a few years ago and hadn't made time to watch until now. My wife and I both thoroughly loved it. I streamed several movies, including two that I'd been meaning to see for years: Histoire d'O and Emmanuel. It's always nice to either whittle down my Unwatched Pile or to make good use of my Netflix membership. Here, then, are my end-of-challenge awards:

Black Dynamite may be the baddest movie ever made.  Ever.
Favorite Movie Watched: Black Dynamite

Best/Most Brutal Catfight: Bitch Slap (runner up: Bitch Slap)
Most Gratuitous Nudity: Histoire d'O
Hottest Sex Scene: Emmanuel
Most Laughable Killing: The Gore Gore Girls
Most Outrageous/Squeamish Killing: Someone's Knocking at the Door
Best Use of Ordinary Objects in Combat: Pool balls (Zombie Strippers!)
Best Performance (tie): Johnny Cash (Five Minutes to Live), Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite)
Best WTF Moment: Someone's Knocking at the Door

I don't remember how this Gore Gore Girl died, but I bet it was funny.
All of the movies I watched for this challenge were first-time viewings, so even though I wasn't terribly thrilled by all of them (I found Histoire d'O boring and Bad Girls from Mars kinda lame), it was nice to expose myself to new things I might otherwise have continued to neglect. There were several that had been on my To See list for a while, and it was nice to finally get to those.

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