11 April 2011

Disney Movie Rewards: "The Incredibles" & "Cars"

Tomorrow, Disney is releasing The Incredibles on Blu-ray Disc (in a combo pack that also includes a DVD and Digital Copy, no less), and they're re-releasing Cars on Blu-ray (in a combo pack that also includes a DVD, but no Digital Copy).  Each of these includes Movie Cash to go see Cars 2 when it opens in theaters this summer.  More importantly, there are coupons to be had for both releases!  Like previous Disney coupons, you'll need a Disney Movie Rewards account.

Click this picture to go to the coupon page.
That's right; you get $10 off The Incredibles!  The coupon expires 17 April so you've only got a week to use it.  Where should you buy, you ask?  Here are the advertised prices:
$22.99 Meijer
$24.99 Best Buy
$26.99 Target
Now, then, Cars.  This isn't as exciting as The Incredibles, I'm afraid.  Part of that has to do with the fact that the movie is much less compelling, but that's not the big issue here.  Cars has already been out on Blu-ray Disc.  Anyway, here's your offer:

Click on the ad above to go to the coupon page.
Yeah, it's only an $8 coupon.  I know how spoiled that sounds, but you've got to admit that being in the same post as a $10 coupon for The Incredibles makes this seem kind of weak.  Plus, this is a 2-disc set, whereas The Incredibles is a 4-disc set that also includes a Digital Copy.  It seems kinda thin.  Now, then, where to buy your weak Cars Blu-ray + DVD combo pack with your disappointing $8 coupon?
$22.99 Meijer
$22.99 Target (they've also got a box set with two exclusive toy cars for $24.99)
$24.99 Best Buy
That means that Meijer has the best offer; $22.99 each - $18 in coupons = $27.98 for the pair.  But wait!  Best Buy has an additional offer: If you buy both on the same receipt, you get $10 off.

$24.99 * 2 (different titles) = $49.98 - $10 = $39.98 - $18 (coupons) = $21.98.  That's right, folks.  If you buy both movies at Best Buy and use both coupons, you wind up with both titles for less than the advertised lowest price on just one of the two!  Plus, doing it this way means you'll get two free tickets in Movie Cash to see Cars 2 later this summer.  $21.98 for two Pixar movies on Blu-ray (in combo packs) and admission for two to see a third movie later?  That's awfully sweet.

Don't forget...

You'll need to unlock your coupons with the UPC from previous DVD releases.  Just enter the UPC number as a Magic Code.  I don't wish to cross Disney so I'm not providing this information here, but I'm sure you have the DVDs in your library and can consult their packages for that information.

Walmart will match the advertised prices of all competitors.  I've never tried price-matching a "Buy 2, get $X Off" sale (much less then applying two different coupons to the transaction), but in theory you should only need to show them Best Buy's ad and hand over the coupons.

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