06 March 2011

Disney Movie Rewards: "Bambi"

Let's face it.  Bambi is one of those elite movies that belongs in most libraries.  Disney has a few incentives for you to acquire it now, but you've got to have a Disney Movie Rewards account to take advantage.  (It's free and easy, and if you've bought any Disney movies in the last few years you really should have already opened such an account.)

Don't have a Blu-ray player?  That's okay, because the Diamond Edition release also includes the movie on DVD!  The previous Platinum Edition DVD of Bambi has been out of print for several years now, so if you don't already own the movie this is a really good time to buy.  If/when you get a Blu-ray player later, you'll already have this disc ready to go.  Win-win!

First, there's a $10 coupon!  Click here to access.  You should know that the Disney coupons print from Coupons.com which can be problematic.  I strongly suggest that you visit Coupons.com first and print a random coupon that doesn't mean anything to you (like $0.35 off a cup of yogurt) to make sure that your computer and printer won't have any problems installing their software.  Hurry, though; the coupon expires on 8 March.

Second offer: After you've bought Bambi, come back to Disney Movie Rewards and redeem the enclosed Magic Rewards Code.  Once you've done this (which will get you 125 points), you'll have the option of ordering a reproduction of the original Bambi theatrical release poster.  It measures 18 1/2" x 27" and is technically free though you're on the hook for $2.95 for shipping.  This offer is valid until 30 June or until they run out of posters.  If you use the $10 coupon, you can order the poster and still come out $7 ahead.

Lastly, if you also buy Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and enter its Magic Rewards Code, you'll get an additional 100 bonus points.  You have to enter both Bambi and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 codes by 13 March, but you don't have to enter them together.  Frankly, 100 bonus points isn't enough incentive to get me to buy Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 but I'm sure there are families out there who aren't as disinterested as me.

I realize I probably could have posted all this sooner, since you'll only have two days to print and use the $10 coupon.  C'est la vie.  Disney has The Incredibles slated for release in April, and I'll try to do a better job alerting you to any similar offers should they be made available.

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