08 February 2011

Free on iTunes: 80s TV Episodes

Uncle Jesse showdown!  Denver Pyle vs. John Stamos?  No-brainer.  If Denver Pyle said to jump, John Stamos would be airborne.  Fortunately, you don't have to choose because The Dukes of Hazzard and Full House are two of 31 episodes from 80s shows available from iTunes free this week.  I can't link directly, but if you go into the TV section in the iTunes Store you should see it promoted in the rotating banner at the top.  Most (but not all) are pilot episodes and several are only the first half (where a pilot was a double-length episode broken into two for the purpose of re-runs).  These will likely only be free until midnight next Monday so if you're gonna snag 'em, now's the time.

The Dukes of Hazzard - "Mary Kaye's Baby"
The A-Team - "Mexican Slayride, Part 1"
Hill Street Blues - "Hill Street Station"
21 Jump Street - "21 Jump Street, Part 1"
The Greatest American Hero - "The Hit Car"
Hunter - "Pilot"
Knight Rider - "Knight of the Phoenix, Part 1"
Highway to Heaven - "Highway to Heaven, Part 1"
Miami Vice - "Pilot"
Webster - "Another Ballgame"
St. Elsewhere - "Pilot"
The Jeffersons - "The Announcement"
The Facts of Life - "From Russia with Love"
Silver Spoons - "Pilot"
Benson - "Changes (Pilot)"
Punky Brewster - "Punky Finds a Home, Part 1"
T.J. Hooker - "The Protectors (Pilot)"
The Fall Guy - "Pilot"
Remington Steele - "License to Steele"
Hart to Hart - "Murder, Murder, on the Wall"
Wiseguy - "Wiseguy"
Stingray - "Pilot, Part 1"
Quantum Leap - "Genesis, Part 1 - September 13, 1956"
The Incredible Hulk - "Free Fall"
Charles in Charge - "Charles in Charge: Pilot"
V - "Liberation Day"
Square Pegs - "Pilot"
Scarecrow and Mrs. King - "The First Time"
Perfect Strangers - "Hello, Baby"
Full House - "The First Day of School"
It's Garry Shandling's Show - "Grant Gets Broken"

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