01 February 2011

DVD Talk TV on DVD* Challenge - Looking Back

Going into this challenge I really only had one objective and that was to finally get into the She-Ra, Princess of Power box sets I'd bought at Half Price Books in 2009. I haven't seen an episode since in probably 20 full years, maybe more, and was surprised by how much I found myself enjoying it. Otherwise, this was a month with a ton of Hugh Laurie! We got great deals on House, M.D. Seasons Five and Six, paying ~$15 apiece through Amazon and Target and my wife was eager to watch them so we did.  Then, we re-watched Jeeves & Wooster - The Complete Series, which was still a lot of fun the second time through.

I watched 3179 minutes of this guy.
I once resisted buying TV shows on DVD, thinking that for the price I just wouldn't watch a show enough to get my money's worth like I do with movies. I've come around since then, learning to really appreciate how much more into a show I can get when the screen isn't buried under graphics and commercials aren't shouting at me in the middle of a story.

It's also nice to really settle into a show's milieu. You might roll your eyes that none of the rebels realize Adora is She-Ra, but after three or four episodes you just sort of go with it. Plus, marathon viewings really make it easier to get sucked into ongoing plot threads. There's a different relationship with TV characters than with movie characters; TV characters are more intimate. We invest ourselves in them, and renew that investment with each episode.

Most of what we watched were first seasons, in large part because that's all we own of those series! My current plan is to start tracking down second seasons in preparation for next January, though some of the shows qualify for other challenges throughout the year and I may try to work them into those. I'd like to establish some kind of continuity from year to year, so it may take me seven years to get through The Dukes of Hazzard but that's alright.  I'd hoped to get to more of the assorted episodes I'd gotten free from iTunes, and only made it to three of them. Still, that's some progress!

My viewing list can be seen here.

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