12 February 2011

Doubly Fortunate

I'm a little late getting to this post, actually.  Last week I had a pair of little incidents that made me smile.  For starters, my wife and I went to dinner at a local Chinese buffet.  They've got a grill, and I get them to grill up some beef with a couple of eggs, doused with Teriyaki sauce.  I'm sure my Crohnies are reading this and freaking out, but strangely enough I've not had any noticeable problems handling it so I keep coming back to it.  Anyway, at the end of the meal came the ubiquitous fortune cookies.  I don't eat them anymore, but my wife has agreed to eat them so I don't feel guilty opening them just for the fortune.  Anyway, this particular occasion brought me two fortunes!

"It's time to complete some unfinished business."
"It's not the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours that count."

Sharpie thief Steve Holy.
Photo stolen from Amazon.
I could lament that the latter isn't really a fortune, but that would just seem ungrateful.  What unfinished business needs to be completed?  I still haven't settled up with Steve Holy over that red Sharpie he absconded with nine years ago, but it seems unlikely I'll get to that.  We haven't filed our taxes yet, but surely that can't be what the cookie meant, can it?  And it's still too soon for me to do anything about my presidential campaign, as I can't run until 2016 anyway.  The only thing I can figure is that it's a reference to this month's DVD Talk Academy Awards Challenge, and the fact I still haven't watched a ton of "must see" movies.  I was doing well last week, but lately I've kind of hit a brick wall.  It's been hard for me to rouse much interest in movies the last few days.  Maybe it's a consequence of seeing Black Swan; my brain needs time to absorb that first.

Anyway, the other cool thing was that last Monday we went to Half Price Books as I had a 20% off coupon. I rummaged through some of the comic books (I couldn't get to half of them because an elderly couple was rooting through the vinyl selection and had commandeered a quarter of an entire aisle for their purposes).  I turned up both issues of Star Wars: Empire's End, which I don't remember particularly liking but have wanted to re-read anyway, for $1.50 apiece - 20%  = $2.40 for the pair, still a dime less than the cover price of either.  I also found an issue of Legends of the Dark Knight I didn't think I had, but found out I did.  Oh, well.  It was only twenty cents after the discount.  (I maintain a list of issues I'm looking for on my phone, but I left it at the house and didn't realize this until we were already out and about that day.)

The surprising find, though, was an issue of Welcome Back, Kotter!  I didn't even know there was a comic book version!  DC Comics apparently published an entire ten issues starting in 1976, though, and I now own 10% of the entire run (issue #7).

What made me laugh most about it was that it was only $0.40 after the discount...which was a nickel over the original $0.35 cover price, making it the only issue I've bought of anything in almost a year where I've paid more than cover price.

I was disappointed it was the only issue I could find, but then it was in the wrong place; the W's were obscured by the aforementioned elderly vinyl shoppers.  For all I know, the other nine issues were there, waiting for me to find them.  Hey!  Maybe that's the unfinished business the cookie meant!

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