28 January 2011

"Star Trek: Spock: Reflections" by Scott & David Tipton

Collected Edition
Star Trek: Spock: Reflections #1-4
Written by Scott & David Tipton
Layouts and Covers by David Messina
Finishes by Federica Manfredi (#1, 3, 4)
Inks by Elena Casagrande (#2), Federica Manfredi and Arianna Florean (#3, 4)
Colors by Ilaria Travesi
Color Assist by 2B Studio (#1, 2), Chiara Cinabro of 2B Studio (#3, 4)
Letters by Chris Mowry (#1), Robbie Robbins (#2, 3), Neil Uyetake (#4)
Edits by Scott Dunbier
Cover Price: $17.99 (collected edition); $3.99/issue
104 Pages (collected edition); 32 Pages/issue
Date of Purchase: 15 January 2011 (Half Price Books)
Date Read: 28 January 2011

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a collection of vignettes of Spock's life, strung together with a little story about him returning from Romulus on a personal mission.  I won't spoil it, but I'll say that it's a story that's been intimated and even told several times in books and comics over the last 16-ish years.

There really wasn't anything new explored here, and most of the passages will feel very familiar to older fans.  I suppose the intended audience for this are newer readers brought to the franchise by the 2009 movie, and for them I imagine it's a bit of a treat.  Personally, I long ago tired of these kinds of incestuous stories, linking various elements from various eras of the franchise.  I did, however, totally dig the art by David Messina, et al.

Note: I read the original four issues and not the collected edition, so I cannot speak to any additional material that may be included there.

Issues #1-4, July-October 2009
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