25 January 2011

Old Movies, New Posters

The past few years has seen the rise of a peculiar offshoot of the cult movie screening: the production of new, limited edition movie posters for older films.  Many of these were commissioned for specific screenings, such as the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow series (where specific movies were screened at or on the actual location where they were originally filmed).  The leading producer of these posters, Mondo Tees, makes their new posters available online though they sell out within literal minutes due to increasing awareness (read: demand) and the low production size.  Here are a handful of my personal favorites, chosen to give you an idea what's out there.

Goldfinger, Todd Slater
There were a scant 300 of these produced for a once-in-a-lifetime screening of Goldfinger at Fort Knox on 3 August 2007.  You may recall my guts cooperated that night and permitted me to attend; I discussed it in this previous entry.  My friend Chad bought me a T-shirt version of this as an early birthday gift.

Borg Queen, Ken Taylor
A scant 210 of these were produced, along with 80 that glow in the dark.  Mondo Tees sold these out in about sixteen minutes on 2 September 2010.  Star Trek: First Contact is still my second favorite Trek movie (after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), and Alice Krige was killer as the Borg Queen.

The Bride, Michael Ansin
235 of these, plus another 100 glow-in-the-dark silver ink variants, went on sale 30 June 2010 from Mondo.  The attention to detail is astounding, and possibly the most interesting poster I've ever seen for the classic film (a personal favorite of mine).  I personally think this would make a fascinating companion piece to the Borg Queen.

Dracula, Aaron Horkey and Vania Zouravilov
Mondo's first poster of 2011.  There were 330 regular black-and-white posters ($60 apiece), as well as 70 sepia variants ($110), on sale 12 January.  It's astounding that the image is not of Bela Lugosi, and yet the poster perfectly captures the Gothic aesthetic idealized by Tod Browning's 1931 production.

Eyes Wide Shut, David O'Daniel
What's this?  Not all posters are from Mondo!  This is from San Francisco's Castro Theatre.  75 of these were produced for a 30 April 2010 screening of Stanley Kubrick's final film (and a personal favorite of mine).  If you hurry on over to Alien Corset you can still actually buy one of these for a relatively modest $45 plus shipping.  (I'm entirely unaffiliated with Castro Theatre or David O'Daniel; I just love the movie and think this poster worth promoting.)

I've provided these examples to hopefully provide a sense of what's out there.  Mondo's most recent offerings included posters based on Santa Sangre and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Personally, I'm glad I don't have the money to buy any of these because if I did I think I'd become addicted and in any event I haven't the wall space for these works.  But if you do have an empty space on your wall and you want something a little rare to fill it, I hope you have a new idea what's out there.

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