28 January 2011

George W Bush: I'm Through With Politics, Don't Want To Campaign Or Fundraise

I'm greatly disappoint­ed by this, as I was very curious to see what a Republican as youthful as President Bush would do with his post-presi­dency. Presidents Carter and Clinton have establishe­d a strong paradigm for continuing to lead by example and I was hopeful that Mr. Bush would take a page from their book. I may not have been a fan of his term of office, but it seems that the star power of the Oval Office can still be used to accomplish quite a lot. It would be a shame for Mr. Bush to squander this opportunit­y to make a positive impact.

I suspect that he won't stay away forever; that eventually a cause that interests him will lure him out of Texas. In any event, kudos for using "president­" as a verb in this going away spiel!
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  1. He's probably our political Brett Favre or Garth Brooks.