01 January 2011

2011 DVD Talk TV on DVD* Challenge

Time for another DVD Talk viewing challenge.  Starting today, and running through 31 January, is the first-ever TV on DVD* Challenge.  The asterisk is there because we are, in fact, allowing other formats but the emphasis is still on recognizing the impact that the DVD format has had on how we view content from the television medium.  We have a sponsor offering up some great prizes, including two volumes of Swamp Thing and Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Volume Two.  All you have to do is be an active member and respond with the correct answer(s) to a trivia question.  A winner will be randomly selected.  Alas, I am ineligible to win anything because I'm the host (something I've never done before).

Eligible content is anything originally produced for television.  If you got Burn Notice: Season Three on DVD for Christmas, you're welcome to count it.  Specialty content is allowed, too, so if you have the Garth Brooks: The Entertainer DVD box set lying around and want to spend an afternoon rewatching his TV concert specials, those count.  Mini-series and made-for-TV movies count.  So do movies that are clearly a part of a TV show's continuity.  You could count the 1966 Batman movie, because it featured all the same cast and crew from the 1966-1969 TV series, but you couldn't count the 1989 movie because it wasn't directly connected with any Batman TV show.

You can join the discussion thread here and post your list here.  The idea is simply to give you an impetus to sit down and either watch some new material, or maybe finally watch some stuff you've got on DVD that's been collecting dust.  And, hopefully, you'll find yourself engaged in friendly conversation about a given show. This is a great opportunity to join one of the most civil and grown-up forums on the web, and I hope you'll join us.

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