16 December 2010

Sketch: "Indiana Jones and the Sack of Christmas Gifts"

Continuing my Indy kick (see my previous post, "A Very Indy Early Winter") I dashed off this sketch just now.  I started with the Drew Struzan painting from the back of The Adventures of Indiana Jones DVD box set, then substituted Santa's sack for Indy's whip.  Good luck finding Harrison Ford's likeness in the face, but I think there's something recognizably "Indy" about it.  I had originally conceived of an expanded image, with a slumped over Santa Claus tied up in Christmas lights.  That was more ambitious than I was willing to try just now, and anyway I'm not sure depicting Indiana Jones as a guy who'd tie up Santa and steal his bag of gifts really sent the appropriate message.  (Though, between you and me, I think he'd do it.)

Indy Claus by ~minlshaw on deviantART

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