05 October 2010

Sketch: The Urbane Creature

The Urbane Monster by ~minlshaw on deviantART

If you're going to explore horror films, at some point you are inevitably led to Frankenstein and its equally iconic sequel, Bride of Frankenstein.  There is a terrifically surreal scene in the latter in which The Creature visits a blind hermit and is introduced to such vices as cigars and wine.  So, I awoke this morning thinking of that scene and felt compelled to dash off a sketch that probably falls more under "inspired by" than "based upon," as I don't believe The Creature is shown in this pose or from this angle at all in the film, and I'm certain the furniture was different entirely.  I referenced photos of Boris Karloff for the gist of The Creature's face, but as with my Count Dracula sketch, I didn't really set out to capture the actor's specific likeness.  I did make a point to have The Creature holding his stogie European-style, as that's how Boris Karloff held his smokes.

P.S.: You'll see in the labels that I tagged this photo with "Frankenstein."  I thought about tagging it as "The Creature," but that's awfully vague and I figured it was more forward-thinking to have a "Frankenstein" label for future posts that deal with that mythology.

P.P.S.: It's hard to believe this is the first time I've posted anything about the "Frankenstein" mythology!

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