20 September 2010

DVD Talk Horror Challenge 2010

With a scant ten days remaining, I thought I'd take a moment and try to suggest to you, dear reader, that if you enjoy gorging on horror movies in October, you might enjoy participating in next month's Horror Challenge at DVD Talk.  This is really the granddaddy of the DVD Talk challenges.  Its original objective was, and remains, to watch 100 horror movies during the month of October.  It has evolved to include three additional, optional, concurrent goals.

The first of these is a subset of daily films; a specific movie is selected for each day of the month and participants watch the movie on their own and then discuss.  Nominations are being made as we speak for this subset, and an effort is being made to concentrate on content available for streaming via Netflix, or will be aired on commonly available cable channels like Turner Classic Movies.

The second subset is a daily theme; this is broader than the specific film per day list, but still focused.  For instance, last 20 October was "A Reel Cinematic Suckfest!" (Vampire Movies).  Dawn of the Dead was the selection for that night's specific film subset, so you would need to do a horror double feature to participate in both subsets since vampires are not part of Dawn of the Dead.  But you could have your pick of any vampire movie to qualify for that night's theme.

You vant to par-tees-ipate...
The third way of participating is the checklist.  The checklist covers various elements of film; everything from one movie from each decade to assorted directors and actors to different types of horror (slasher, creatures, etc.).  The nice thing about the checklist is that you can count a movie for multiple items, so if you watch, say, Dracula, that would count for the 1930s decade, a vampire movie, and any other relevant categories.  You could theoretically participate in just the daily subset and automatically knock off the checklist in the process!

Like all DVD Talk challenges, there are twin objectives.  The first is to give participants an impetus for exposing themselves to new content and exploring a theme.  Maybe you're like me and you've never watched the Friday the 13th series.  This is a good excuse to finally sit down and watch 'em.  The other objective is to promote discussion about content on the forum.  Cursory remarks like "I liked this/hated that" are allowed, but if you find yourself really responding to something, it's encouraged that you share those insights and reactions.

You can follow the Discussion Thread here to get a sense of expectations, guidelines, etc.
You can see my list post here (though obviously it won't become "live" until 1 October).

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