28 August 2010

Is Garth Brooks Coming to iTunes?

Every Fall, Apple hosts a self-aggrandizing media event that lights the world on fire.  Or, at least, gets a lot of techies all in a tizzy and tells parents how much to squirrel away for Christmas presents.  Here's this year's teaser image:

The obvious conclusion is that the announcement will pertain to music, and looking at the acoustic guitar I can't help but wonder...has someone finally convinced Garth Brooks to join the 21st Century and allow his catalog to be sold through  iTunes?  As a fan who owns his entire discography on CD, I'm not terribly excited about that possibility (unless some stuff from the vaults should find its way to the digital world), but I'm kind of hopeful that perhaps some music videos or concert specials might become available for purchase.  (Yes, I've got the VHS and DVD releases, but I'm much likelier to watch music content on my iPod.)  We'll find out on Wednesday.

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