06 June 2010

Sketch: "Her"

A friend of mine had composed a poem called "Her" and he asked me to dash off a sketch to accompany it so I obliged.  What I came up with was pretty simple in concept; the two characters seen away from one another--him in profile on a stool, her, sanding with her back to us.  Each has a martini glass.  In silhouette, though, the two are brought together, sharing a kiss that is clearly not open-mouthed.  Is it an awkward, peck-type first kiss?  A timid, for-old-time's-sake goodbye kiss?  I can't say now.  Maybe my friend will be kind enough to exhume his composition and post it for us; if he does, I'll be sure to offer a link to it.  I apologize for the faintness of the sketch (as well as the poor girl's left arm, and his god-awful tie!).  I've tried tinkering with the scan, and I can only seem to darken the pencil lines at the cost of also darkening the entire page.  I might re-visit the original sheet and see about re-pencilling or possibly even inking it for heightened clarity.  Better still, maybe I'll see about coaxing my friend Chad into doing something with it; unlike me, he's got both talent and technique!

I am informed by the poet that I based the guy off Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern.  He also clarified that this was a poem, not a short story or vignette as I'd originally posted (that remark has now been revised).

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