06 March 2010

2010 First Quarter Reflections

This time last year, I had posted the bulk of my 2009 posts.  Why have I skimped so much this year?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  First, I've made it a point to post DVD reviews only after viewing all bonus material (including listening to any and all commentary tracks).  Of late, I've been passing on bonus features in favor of viewing more movies.  There are three reasons for this.

Firstly, we went Blu back in November!  We've upgraded a handful of titles to Hi-Def, but there's really not enough reason to post reviews for many of them.  Most titles simply ported over the bonus materials from the DVD release without adding anything new.  I know it doesn't speak well of me that I can't be bothered to post, "The same as last time, only much better looking!" three times a week, but there it is.  As for the new titles and handful of bonus features, I can only watch them in the living room, which cuts down on my lie-in-bed-and-watch-bonus-material time (a necessary variable in the title reviewing equation).

Secondly, sparked by the Blu-ray upgrade, we've actually been making use of our Netflix account recently.  You'd think this would actually encourage me to post more reviews, since I'm watching more stuff, but there's a flaw in the slaw.  As I've already noted, I can't just lie in bed watching bonus materials these days with the Blu-ray Discs.  To protect against another lapse of Netflix discs collecting dust, I've been foregoing bonus materials almost entirely recently to make sure I get them back in the mail pronto and keep 'em comin'.

Now, there are only three shows on TV I make it a point to watch.  As it happens, Burn Notice just ended its season this past Thursday night, and Psych's finale is this upcoming Wednesday.  Without those on the air, I'm left with only The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to cut into my movie-watching time.  Unfortunately, 12:35 at night is prime bonus material viewing time for me, and Ferguson has been on a creative rampage since the New Year began.  Add into this the fact that we recently found Jeeves & Wooster: The Complete Series on DVD for a much more reasonable price than A&E's list price, and it's just been hard to fit in as many reviewable viewings as I'd like.

Now, here's the awkward part.  Even though I haven't posted much to my own movie blog lately, I have been active elsewhere.  Flickchart.com is a hyper-addictive website based on a ridiculously simple premise: you choose between two randomly selected movies.  You have the option of saying you haven't seen one, or both, but eventually you come face to face with two movies you have seen and you have to pick which one you like more, or which you think is "better" (whatever that means to you), etc.  They have a User Showcase in their official blog, and yours truly has been invited to contribute.  I've posted twice there already, and if you've read this far, then I don't feel too bad asking you to take a gander at my humble efforts there.

Finally, as you may be aware, the Academy Awards will be presented tomorrow night.  I've been participating in the annual Academy Awards movie challenge on DVD Talk, which has been a great impetus for me to (finally) watch some of our cheap blind buys that have remained unwatched until now.  For instance, A Beautiful MindThe Aviator and Syriana were a mere $2 or $3 in a Black Friday sale a couple years ago.  Because each won some Oscars, they were eligible for the challenge and I finally watched them.  Turns out, they're all very good movies and I enjoyed them.  Who knew?

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