01 November 2009

iTunes - October 2009

330 songs, 23:24:44 total time for October, certainly up from the last two months.  Far and away, the most played selections were the six songs in the Spa Moments Sampler, which I played on twelve separate occasions.  (It's very relaxing, and a godsend for someone like myself who regularly needs to be coaxed into sleep.)  After those songs, eight of the ten songs from Melody Gardot's Worrisome Heart were played three times apiece (the other two songs only had two plays apiece, for reasons I cannot now provide).  I also played The Best of the Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe, a free digital album from Amazon, twice, along with a handful of other songs.  Otherwise, the majority of my October plays were one-time only.

  1. Spa Moments Sampler Playlist, David Huff & Mark Baldwin [free digital sampler] (12)
  2. Worrisome Heart (tracks 1-8), Melody Gardot (3)
  3. The Best of the Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe [free digital sampler], Various Artists (2)
  4. Jazz at Newport Playlist [free digital sampler], Various Artists (2)
  5. Worrisome Heart (tracks 9-10), Melody Gardot (2)
Albums played once in October: American Recordings by Johnny Cash, Sarah Chang: Selections Digital Sampler by Sarah Chang, Johnny Cash Is Dead and His House Burned Down [single] by Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Pieces of You by Jewel, Come Away with Me, Deep Cuts [EP], Not Too Late by Norah Jones, I Love the 80s (1880s) by Various Artists, Working on a Dream by Bruce Springsteen and 127 Rose Avenue by Hank Williams, Jr.

October is always a tough month for me to make time for music, because my first priority is to catch as much of the baseball postseason as possible, and the rest of the month is generally dedicated to horror movies.  Most of my October plays were selections of music for bedtime.  I also began bringing my iHome out into the living room periodically, which accounts for some of the increase in music (Springsteen, Hank, Jr. and some George Jones, for instance), though in truth I tended to favor either podcasts (which are not included in these monthly tallies) or leaving the iPod on shuffle (which doesn't add to a song's play count).

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