15 August 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring...Are You Buying?

Ah, August. What a confusing time. The heat of July lingers, while clothing stores convince parents to buy fall wear for their childrens' back-to-school wardrobe. Football preseason dominates ESPN, while the boys of summer vie for the baseball postseason. And in music, this is when we begin to hear about planned Christmas album releases.

So far, we only know of a handful of forthcoming Christmas releases for 2009 and yet I cannot fathom a more diverse sampling. How diverse, you ask? How's this for your Christmas party:

Bob Dylan
MC Hammer & Family
Pope Benedict XVI
Michael McDonald
Tori Amos

Also, The Beatles's 1963 Christmas album, released only to fan club members 45 years ago, will be an unlockable bonus feature on the forthcoming Rock Band installment, The Beatles. Oddly, the music still will not see release on 9 September when the rest of the Fab Four's catalog is re-issued.

Now, personally, I have no desire to hear a Christmas album (or any other album) where I can't understand the singer--so I'll probably skip Dylan and the Pope. But an MC Hammer Christmas album? I don't care what I have to remove to make room for it on my iPod!

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  1. Today, Sugarland announced that they are releasing a ten-track Christmas album. "Green and Gold" drops 6 October and includes five songs previously released on a bonus disc with their sophomore effort, "Enjoy the Ride," at Walmart in 2007.