29 August 2009

End of Summer Reading Recap

We're nearly finished with the month of August, so now seems as good a time as any to reflect on this summer's reading. I wish I'd managed to read more. Part of my reading time I spent writing in the month of July. I also had hoped to flake in my hammock and read more this summer, but it was so overcast and threatened to rain at a moment's notice that I was a tad skittish about doing so. Finally, I'd planned on reading this year's allocated James Bond story, The Man with the Golden Gun, on vacation; that didn't happen, either.

So, what did I read this summer? Well, I read Richard Belzer's I Am Not a Cop!: A Novel and the astounding Boone: A Biography by Robert Morgan in the month of June. The only thing I read in all of July was Jewel's poetry collection, A Night Without Armor, which I read on vacation. I started Craig Shaw Gardner's Batman at the very end of vacation, but it's sat incomplete on my nightstand for much of August. In fact, the only thing I've complete in the final month of summer has been Marjane Satrapi's Chicken and Plums. Unfortunately for me, none of those were on my 2009 Reading Objectives list!

The saving grace as far as that list is concerned, is that I recently checked out The Yankee Years by Joe Torre. A review is forthcoming, awaiting my completion, but I will say now that I feel the book ought to have been credited solely to Tom Verducci. Torre's entire contribution consists of frequent interview quotes, supported by interview quotes from a handful of others. It just as easily could have been credited to David Cone & Tom Verducci or Mike Mussina & Tom Verducci, except for two things: 1) Torre's perspective covers the entire period, whereas Cone and Mussina (for instance) only speak to the years they spent in pinstripes and 2) coming off his very public firing, a volume entitled The Yankee Years with Torre's name on the cover was impossible for the Doubleday marketing division to resist.

Perhaps fall shall be more productive for me. Maybe not, as this is a time of year when I generally find myself more drawn to movies and music than reading, but you never know. That list of reading objectives seems impossibly long all of a sudden, that's for sure!

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