01 July 2009

iTunes - June 2009

515 songs, 1:05:38:19 total time for the month of June! Wow! Here's what I can tell you about June: It rained. A lot. I read Robert Morgan's Boone: A Biography (reviewed over on The Bookshelf), and I had a bout with a cold at the beginning of the month and a flare at the end. June sucked, frankly. And yet, it appears that my iTunes library got its biggest workout of the year so far. iTunes Essentials account for 150 of the songs I played in June. Those are playlists prepared by iTunes that focus on a specific theme--be it an artist's discography, the hit songs of a particular year, or even just a common theme throughout the songs themselves. I got to exploring these and realized I had all 75 songs on their George Strait and Alan Jackson playlists, and so I put them together myself and gave it a whirl. Not bad, really, even if they are a tad outdated. So, what did I play in June?
  • "All That I Need Is Love" - Melody Gardot (9)*
  • "Love Me Like a River Does" - Melody Gardot (9)*
  • "Goodnite" - Melody Gardot (9)*
  • Worrisome Heart - Melody Gardot (8)*
  • Baby, I'm a Fool - Single - Melody Gardot (6)
  • Lullaby - Single - honeyhoney (6)
  • "Let's Get It Started" - M.C. Hammer (5)**
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Single - Jewel (4)
  • Living for the Night - Single - George Strait (4)
  • "Dare (New Recording)" - Stan Bush (3)
  • Who Will Comfort Me - Single - Melody Gardot (3)
  • "Johnny Cash Is Dead and His House Burned Down" - Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers (3)
  • Thinking About You - Single - Norah Jones (3)
  • Just a Little Lovin' - Shelby Lynne (3)
  • "Sorority Girl (Demo)" - Luke Bryan (2)
  • Worrisome Heart - Single - Melody Gardot (2)
  • "Story Behind the Song 'Johnny Cash Is Dead and His House Burned Down'" - Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers (2)
  • "Pump It Up (Here's the News)" - M.C. Hammer (2)
  • "They Put Me in the Mix" - M.C. Hammer (2)
  • "Intro: Turn This Mutha Out" - M.C. Hammer (2)
  • "Like Red on a Rose" - Alan Jackson (2)
  • "A Woman's Love (New Recording)" - Alan Jackson (2)
  • Deep Cuts - EP - Norah Jones (2)
  • "The Tick (Theme)" - Doug Katsaros (2)
  • Sideways - Rolfe Kent (2)
  • "Master Sold My Baby" - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears (2)
  • "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" - Dean Martin & Shelby Lynne (2)
  • "Pitter-Pat (Acoustic)" - Erin McCarley (2)
  • Stardust - Willie Nelson (2)
Music played once in June included iTunes Originals - Brooks & Dunn, Twister - Music from the Motion Picture, Lucky Old Sun (Deluxe Edition) - Kenny Chesney, Greatest Hits and Let's Get It Started - M.C. Hammer, iTunes Essentials playlist and Like Red on a Rose - Alan Jackson, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, Spirit and 0304 - Jewel, Come Away with Me and Not Too Late - Norah Jones, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - EP - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Twister - Motion Picture Score - Mark Mancina, Moment of Forever - Willie Nelson, Girls in Their Summer Clothes - Single - Bruce Springsteen, iTunes Essentials playlist, I Just Want to Dance with You - Single, Meanwhile - Single - George Strait, The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - John Williams, and an assortment of other stray songs.

*"All That I Need Is Love," "Love Me Like a River Does" and "Goodnite" are from the Worrisome Heart album. I can't account for why they were played once more than the rest of the songs.

**"Let's Get It Started" was played 3 times from Greatest Hits and twice from Let's Get It Started

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