02 July 2009

Cigars and Finesse

I just finished writing and uploading my second work this week. Unlike the confession of a fraud, this is unmistakably a work of fiction. There are only two characters, the narrator and an older man with whom the narrator smokes a cigar. Anyone familiar with my writing style will notice immediately how little description I have provided; and yet, I hope I have succeeded in creating the atmosphere of the story sufficient to allow your own imagination to do the rest. I edited this one while writing it, and again while typing it. Originally, the narrator was on vacation, traveling with a young woman but I excised that because I didn't feel it really added anything. I don't know if this might be the introduction to a larger story or not, though I suppose it could be.

Now, if I'm really lucky, I might convince Chad to design a matchbook for me. That would be cool. In case you're unfamiliar with his work, there is a link to his blog, Chad's Sketch Dumpster, in the sidebar. It's certainly worth the time it takes to click into it, even if he only updates it sporadically at best.

Link to the new short story here.

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