30 June 2009

Testing the Waters

Lately, I have felt a swelling compulsion to put pen to paper. I did write a screenplay for a silent horror film last year, but otherwise I haven't even tried to create anything original since my last creative writing class in 2003. So, tonight, while pumped full of Prednisone, I literally put pen to paper and before I knew what I was writing, I had finished what I am currently calling "Untitled confession of a fraud." Note that only the first word is capitalized; that's just how untitled this piece is. I considered posting it here, but elected instead to host it on Google Docs. (I unsuccessfully tried to have it sent over here, but it kept showing up on the Bookshelf blog instead.) So, if you would be so kind as to indulge a wanna-be writer's tentative first step back into the creative waters, I invite you to click here and read a brand spaking new composition. For your benefit, it has been typed, although I can provide a .pdf scan of the handwritten original if anyone is daring enough to try to read it!

Did you miss the link? Try here. Oh, you were trying to politely ignore me. Very well. Carry on.

1 comment:

  1. Travis - I really enjoyed your foray into the artsy-fartsy world of fiction ...

    VERY good reading :)