06 June 2009

Terry Moore's "Strangers in Paradise" on Sale

One of my 2009 reading objectives was to get through Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise, and while readying a list of the trade paperback collections of that series I discovered that the official Strangers in Paradise website operated by Moore is currently running a 50% off sale on them! This may be related to a forthcoming 1100 page, two-volume deluxe edition omnibus edition. I cannot fathom how unwieldy such a critter would be, but for hardcore fans it can be had for $159.95, plus $15.00 FedEx (or free if you can pick it up at this year's San Diego Comic Con). Less dedicated readers should check out the aforementioned 50% off TPB sale here. The nineteen volumes, in publication order, are as follows:
  1. The Collected Strangers in Paradise, Volume One ($8.95, on sale for $4.49)
  2. I Dream of You ($16.95/sold out)
  3. It's a Good Life ($8.95/$4.49)
  4. Love Me Tender ($12.95/$6.49)
  5. Immortal Enemies ($14.95/$7.49)
  6. High School! ($8.95/sold out)
  7. Sanctuary ($17.95/$8.99)
  8. My Other Life ($14.95/$7.49)
  9. Child of Rage ($15.95/$7.99)
  10. Tropic of Desire ($12.95/sold out)
  11. Brave New World ($8.95/$4.49)
  12. Heart in Hand ($12.95/$6.49)
  13. Flower to Flame ($15.95/$7.99)
  14. David's Story ($8.95/$4.49)
  15. Tomorrow Now ($14.95/sold out)
  16. Molly & Poo ($8.95/sold out)
  17. Tattoo ($14.95/sold out)
  18. Love & Lies ($14.95/sold out)
  19. Ever After ($14.95/$7.99)

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