01 May 2009

"Star Trek: Voyager" by Playmates Toys

To this day I don't know how (or why) Playmates did it, but their line of Voyager figures were slick to the touch.  Somehow, it gave the line its own subtle aesthetic, and while I was never a big fan of the television series, I thought the action figure line was really well produced.

Series 1
6481 Captain Kathryn Janeway
6482 Commander Chakotay
6483 Lieutenant Tom Paris
6484 Ensign Harry Kim
6485 Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
6486 The Doctor
6487 Lieutenant Tuvok
6488 Kes, the Ocampa
6489 Neelix, the Talaxian

Series 2
16460 Ensign Seska
16461 Lt. Carey
16462 The Kazon
16463 The Vidiian
16465 B'Elanna Torres, the Klingon
16466 Chakotay, the Maquis

6479 Starship U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656

The Voyager was released with Series 1.

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