01 May 2009

"Star Trek: Insurrection" by Playmates Toys

Once bitten, twice shy...what happens when you're bit a second time?  For their Generations line, Playmates was burned by producing figures in uniforms designed for the film at the time the figures needed to be sculpted, but were tossed by the time of filming.  For their First Contact line, they erroneously thought that a new, six-inch scale would make the line more dynamic and appealing.  So, when the third of the Next Generation movies went into production, someone decided to just stick with producing Collector Series figures.  To their credit, the line was well produced.  Still, one wishes Playmates had managed to issue 4.5" scale figures of the movie properties with the same attention to articulation and sculpting that they brought to the TV series characters.

Assortment 65350 Collector Series
65351 Captain Jean-Luc Picard
65352 Commander William Riker
65353 Lt. Commander Worf
65354 Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge
65355 Counselor Deanna Troi
65356 Lt. Commander Data
65357 Ad'har Ru'afo
65358 Anij

65088 Starfleet Type II Phaser
65091 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E
To differentiate the Enterprise from its First Contact version, Playmates added a removable Captain's Yacht and new sound recordings.

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