01 May 2009

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" by Playmates Toys

The Deep Space Nine line from Playmates included, for my money, some of the best sculpts and likenesses in the company's entire run.  I was never crazy about the first series's package cards, though, as they had a weird purple thing going on that didn't really fit the overall aesthetic.  In any event, there were some really great figures in this line.  Oddly, there were a few DS9 variants of TNG characters that could have worked more sensibly had Playmates simply called them Generations-styled figures.  Instead, Picard is explained as commanding DS9 in an alternate universe.  Go figure.

Series 1
6201 Commander Benjamin Sisko
6202 Odo
6203 Quark
6204 Chief Miles O'Brien
6205 Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
6206 Major Kira Nerys
6207 Commander Gul Dukat
6208 Dr. Julian Bashir
6210 Morn

Series 2
6220 Commander Benjamin Sisko in Starfleet Dress Uniform
6226 Chief Miles O'Brien in Starfleet Dress Uniform
6235 Jake Sisko
6236 Vedek Bareil
6237 Tosk
6241 Rom
6242 Lieutenant Jadzia Dax in Starfleet Duty Uniform
6243 Dr. Julian Bashir in Starfleet Duty Uniform
6244 Chief Miles O'Brien in Starfleet Duty Uniform
6245 Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Uniform
6246 Lieutenant Thomas Riker in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Uniform
6247 Q in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Uniform*

6251 Space Station DS9
6252 Runabout Orinoco

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time Video Game Mail Away
Commander Benjamin Sisko in Starfleet Duty Uniform**
*Because Playmates used different molds for the various Q figures, there is a dramatic difference between the Next Generation and DS9 versions.

**There was an extremely limited window between when the Crossroads of Time video game was released and when the final orders were taken for this mail away figure.  Many fans got the game for Christmas, only to discover it was too late to order Sisko.

There were two Bajoran role-play accessories, but Playmates opted to market these under the TNG line rather than the DS9 one where they really belonged.  The two accessories that were sold under the DS9 banner were 1993 releases.

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