01 May 2009

Star Wars Exclusives

Ah, the exclusive figure.  Often the gem of a collection, often the bane of a collector, these are the items that generally require a little more hunting than the mass retail figures.  You information age collectors are used to just going on eBay if you miss out, but they used to be harder to acquire.  In any event, these are currently available online without resorting to eBay:

From the official Star Wars online store (www.starwarsshop.com)

Clone Trooper - Senate Security $12.99 - From Star Wars: The Clone Wars; originally a San Diego Comic-Con 2008 exclusive.

Concept Grievous - Signature Series $12.99 - based upon Lucasfilm artist Warren Fu's original concept art

Jedi Con Exclusive Shadow Trooper Set $9.99 - A pair of dark deco'd clones originally offered only at the Jedi Con in Germany

Celebration IV Exclusive C-3PO & R2-D2 - Signature Series $14.99 - The classic droid duo, based on Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art; originally offered only at the Star Wars Celebration IV convention in Los Angeles

From the official Hasbro online store (www.hasbrotoyshop.com)

Star Wars Battle Figure Stands (40 Pack) $9.99 - That's right, 40 different stands for your loose action figures.  You get six of each movie logo (seven of Episodes III & IV) and two Expanded Universe logo bases, as well as a sheet of character name labels of nearly every character Hasbro has made into a figure from 2004 through 2008!

Star Wars Official Protective Cases (10 Pack) $14.99 - Don't open your figures?  You might want to look into these clear cases designed to protect your carded figures.  Sure, there are knock-offs, but these come with the Star Wars logo branded into the back of the package.

From Toys "R" Us (www.toysrus.com)

Disturbance at the Lars Homestead Battle Pack $49.99 - You get a Sandtrooper, a Womp Rat, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru...and the moisture vaporator and the Lars homestead!

ARC-170 Fighter $44.99 - from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Dagger Squadron B-Wing Fighter $29.98 - from Star Wars: The Legacy Collection

Hailfire Droid with General Grievous $39.99 - from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

V-Wing Fighter with Oddball $39.99 - from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

TIE Fighter with TIE Pilot $39.99 - from Star Wars: The 30th Anniversary Collection

Be careful browsing the Toys "R" Us website, as they also have a variety of older exclusive figures for sale.  These are not actually being sold by Toys "R" Us.  I'm sure the transactions will be safe, but those would be secondary market purchases, and avoiding those is the idea behind this post.

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