24 April 2009

The Numbers

Not that I suspect more than three people even know I have this blog, but in case you're reading this you might take a moment and look to the right.  There, you'll find a column of links for various movie and DVD-related resources.  Among them is a link to a website called thenumbers.com; you may also notice a few boxes with some statistics--those also come from thenumbers.com.

For those who are really into minutiae (and, really, who isn't?) this is a great resource.  For instance, let's take one of my top ten favorite movies of all time, The Transformers: The Movie.  I can tell you, from thenumbers.com, that that movie...
Now, were I so inclined, I could find out the average ticket prices of 1986 and calculate what percentage of the box office revenue actually came from me.  All I would have to do is go back to an August 1986 issue of the Courier-Journal and find an advertisment for Showcase Cinemas that lists ticket prices.  I know that I saw the movie thrice theatrically: once on opening weekend, then a second time with one of my mom's friends and her son and a third time mom took just me (my brother was at our dad's, if I recall correctly).  If you factor in mom's admission all three times (and why shouldn't you, since she only went because of me?), then I theoretically am responsible for six of the admissions sold.

The mind boggles at what to do with this kind of information, really.  Once upon a time, I had great enthusiasm for mathematics.  It waned over years of snotty teachers and my rising interest in history, but it has always stayed with me in one form or another.  I need to go to the laundro-mat now, but this is something I plan to revisit later today.  I encourage you to do so, as well.  Go on, you know you want to know how your favorite movies have performed!

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