23 April 2009

Free Audiobook Downloads from Barnes & Noble

Looking for some free entertainment?  Head on over to Barnes & Noble's website (just click here) and download any and all of the following nine audiobooks entirely free of charge!  They show up as one cent apiece, but in checkout you get an automatic coupon that negates that penny.  You'll need to install the OverDrive Media Player in order to download and access the files, but once you've got them you can transfer them to your iPod, burn them to disc or play them straight from your computer.  The titles available are:

  • "The Babysitter's Code" from Hardly Knew Her written by Laura Lippman, performed by Linda Emond
  • "Super Goat Men" from Men and Cartoons written and performed by Jonathan Lethem
  • "Best New Horror" from 20th Century Ghosts written by Joe Hill, performed by David LeDoux
  • "Great Day" from Armageddon in Retrospect written by Kurt Vonnegut, performed by Rip Torn
  • "Fathers" from The View from Castle Rock, written by Alice Munro, performed by Kimberly Farr
  • "Truth or Dare" from The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted written and performed by Elizabeth Berg
  • "Ysrael" from Drown written by Junot Diaz, performed by Jonathon Davis
  • Merrano of the Dry Country written by Louis L'Amour
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain, performed by Grover Gardner

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