03 April 2009

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Barsoom Series

As mentioned elsewhere, a friend lent me A Princess of Mars last year and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  There are eleven volumes in this series, and I fully intend to continue exploring them.  As I have yet to begin a new book (having just completed Profiles in Courage and Splinter of the Mind's Eye), I have decided to what I always do: Conduct research and make a list.  Here are the books in this particular series, courtesy of Wikipedia:
  1. A Princess of Mars
  2. The Gods of Mars
  3. The Warlords of Mars
  4. Thuvia, Maid of Mars
  5. The Chessmen of Mars
  6. The Master Mind of Mars
  7. A Fighting Man of Mars
  8. Swords of Mars
  9. Synthetic Men of Mars
  10. Llana of Gathol
  11. John Carter of Mars

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