27 April 2009

Burger King. The Final Frontier.

Like my previous post about Playmates Toys's line of Star Trek action figures, I almost posted this in my movies blog but I decided that merchandise isn't something I want to start including in that at this point.  Anyway, in case it wasn't obvious yet, Burger King will have an assortment of Star Trek premiums in conjunction with J.J. Abrams's new movie.  Each toy has a soundbite of dialog.  Here's what's coming:
  • Captain Kirk ("Kirk to Enterprise")
  • Spock ("A rescue attempt would be illogical")
  • Bones ("I'm a doctor, not a physicist")
  • Scotty ("I'm giving it all she's got") - interestingly, sporting a goatee
  • Uhura ("Captain, we're being hailed")
  • Chekov ("Ensign Pavel Andreievich Chekov")
  • Sulu ("Warp factor three")
  • Spock Prime ("Live long and prosper") - Leonard Nimoy; called "Original Spock" in the Playmates line
  • Communicator ("Beam me up")
  • Tricorder ("Stardate 2248.22")
  • Hover Bike ("Vrooom")
  • Warbird (Something in Klingon)
  • Enterprise (Plays the Star Trek fanfare by Alexander Courage)
  • Kelvin ("Red alert") - reported to be George Kirk's starship
  • Shuttle ("Approaching drop zone")
  • Jellyfish ("You're gonna be able to fly this thing, right?") - reported to be the ship of Spock Prime
Also, for the first time in a long time, a fast food promotion includes collector's glasses!  There are four in the Star Trek line.  Each glass has a full body shot of a character and a secondary image within the famous emblem.  I can't determine the official glass names, so I re-used the names given to the toys:
  • Captain Kirk
  • Spock
  • Nero
  • Uhura
Posters that have already been on display tout a 4 May release date for these items, and early word suggests that the promotion is expected to run for about four weeks.  If past BK promotions are any indication, you can expect items to run out ahead of schedule, local employees to pilfer items for themselves and managers who just don't care to put out everything all at once.  Aesthetically, the toys bear a striking resemblance to the line of Star Wars toys that BK had in 2005 to promote Revenge of the Sith.  One cannot help but suspect that, if the promotion and the movie rake in enough cash, a second wave might appear in the Fall to accompany the DVD and Blu Ray Disc release.

Thanks to Trek Nostalgia for the heads up on the toys.  You can read his blog report, see the pictures I decided it would be in poor taste to repost here, and even subscribe to his blog here.

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