18 March 2009

MPAA Ratings Chart

This used to be on display at the Great Escape Oldham 8 in LaGrange, and I was always entertained by the rabbit.  Note that he is not included in the group allowed into the R-rated film, but, wearing sunglasses, is there for the NC-17 film!  Also note that only G-Rated films are deemed appropriate for giraffes and minority males.

Incidentally, I really want a legible large scan of the MPAA's PG or PG-13 ratings to use as the new header image of this blog.  I can't find one, so if anyone out there can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.  You may recall that, back in the day, the small text simply stated what the rating classification meant (i.e., "Parental Guidance Suggested"); today, they spell out what elements of the film earned the rating.  Given a choice, I'd prefer the more generic text for the purpose of this blog.

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