08 March 2009

DVD: "Cool World"

Cool World
Directed by Ralph Bakshi
Written by Michael Grais & Mark Victor
Starring: Kim Basinger, Gabriel Byrne, Brad Pitt
DVD Release Date: 11 November 2003
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (For Language and Sensuality)
List Price: $14.99 - Currently Out of Print
Cinescopes Personality Type: Existential Savior

The Film
Cool World is a place where doodles (cartoons) exist.  World War II veteran Frank (Pitt) was mistakenly transported there in 1945, where he became a detective.  Jack Deebs (Byrne) is an ex-con released in 1992.  Jack has spent his time behind bars writing and illustrating a comic book based upon the Cool World, never anticipating that he would, himself, be taken there shortly after his release.  In the middle of these two is Holli Would (Basinger), a voluptuous and promiscuous doodle determined to escape to the real world--and become real herself.

Unless you consider English subtitles a bonus feature, this is a barebones release.  Paramount didn't even see fit to include the original theatrical trailer!

The Recommendation
Cool World was released in the wake of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? suggesting that it was a similar concept--certainly the trailer conveyed that idea.  (I remember seeing it a thousand times because it was attached to the VHS release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country back in the day.)  Parents ought to be advised that this film is entirely about sex.  It's not just that there are discussions about it, that there is a pivotal scene about it, or even that the entire plot hinges on sex; there is virtually nothing in the film that isn't about sex.  That said, for older audiences, there is perhaps a message about sexualized escapism that might ring a bit too true for geeks and fanboys.  Otherwise, the only one I could entirely recommend this to would be Jennifer Aniston.  Surely, she must find some satisfactory revenge in knowing that this is in Brad Pitt's filmography.

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