27 March 2009

Dan Seals (1948-2009)

Count me among those who had absolutely no idea Dan Seals was even sick, but on 25 March 2009 he passed away.  When my brother and I were younger, mom had a Ford Fairmont.  Every other Sunday, we'd go out and one of the things I remember most was that we played cassettes in the car.  Now, this will be hard for readers of the Sync generation to believe, but the car did not play cassettes.  Instead, we had a portable tape deck that typically would rest on my lap (my brother being younger, he was confined to the back seat) and loud enough we could all hear.  We played a tape of Seals's fairly often; many an afternoon found us singing along with "Bop," "Old Yellow Car" and "Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)" among others.  I would be exaggerating to say I was a "big fan."  Still, it is a very peculiar thing when people you associate with your childhood die.

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