20 February 2009

You've Got the Power, Activision

Okay, so I'm a little late getting to this.  I was adding some .mp3's I downloaded from Hasbro's website a couple of years ago today and was browsing the 'net for track information to update my tags.  (If anyone knows that actual performer of the Transformers G1 theme, I'd appreciate knowing who it is.)  Along the way, I discovered that apparently, the issue has arisen of getting Stan Bush's cult favorite "The Touch" into Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band.  Bush himself favors getting the song into both games, having even gone so far as to take it upon himself to contact Activision--to no avail.

Activision, whatever it takes, do this for me.  Do it for an entire generation of boys who thought Optimus Prime going into battle one last time was the baddest thing they'd ever see on a big screen.  Do it because, after snagging The Boss, it will be another feather in your pimp hat.  Do it because it needs to be done.  And if you really want to win us over, you'll throw in Bush's "Dare."

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