28 February 2009

Short Film: "Acting for the Camera"

Acting for the Camera
Directed and Edited by Justin Nowell
Written by Thomas Nowell
Starring: Joseph Urla, Mallory June, Eugene Barnes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

The Film
An aspiring actress (June) participates a film class stage excercise in which she re-creates the "fake orgasm" scene from When Harry Met Sally.  It doesn't take long for her instructor (Urla) to pick up on the fact that she can't convince anyone of her performance because she has yet to have an orgasm in real life.

The Digital Download
This was one of eight short films that were selected for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and made available for free on iTunes for a limited time.  It has since been removed from the iTunes Store (despite a link continuing to exist on the official website), and there are no announced DVD plans.  Essentially, this is out of print for the time being.

The Recommendation
This short film may not have actually been shot in real time, but the editing convincingly suggests that it was.  Mallory June's awkward and self-conscious performance is genuinely fascinating, and in just fourteen minutes, she has created a very believable character with whom the audience sympathizes--no small feat, and it is obvious why this was selected for Sundance.

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