28 January 2008

Shelby Lynne - "Just a Little Lovin'"

Just a Little Lovin'
Shelby Lynne
Original release date: 29 January 2008
CD list price: $13.98

Subtitled, "Inspired by Dusty Springfield," Just a Little Lovin' is hands-down the smoothest, most relaxing album of the year.  The titular opening song, "Just a Little Lovin'," immediately separates this album from similar ones in that it sets the listener's mind in the morning, rather than the evening.  Other mood-setting albums are designed with the notion of helping get a couple into bed; Shelby Lynne assumes you've made it that far already, and she's there to help narrate the day after.  All our days would be happier, she lets us know, if they started with just a little lovin'.

Lynne's vocals are perfectly suited for an album of this nature, though she forsook her normally casual style of singing for more precise enunciation.  This can be a little jarring at times, a little like listening to Diana Krall, but it's easy enough to get past that and get lost in the comforting sound of her voice and the inviting arrangements of these songs.  For some reason, despite being an album of songs pertaining to waking up in love, the photograph of Lynne that adorns the cover has her pouting.  (On second thought, the reason is apparent, and...kudos to whoever came up with that idea.)

Normally, this is the kind of album that should be heard with a bottle of wine; by the time she sings "I Only Want to Be with You" (track 4), even champagne seems in order.  Then she follows that two songs later with "Breakfast in Bed," reinforcing the theme of being in love in the morning, and orange juice and scrambled eggs somehow seem a bit sexy.

Note: I received this CD free as a member of the Lost Highway Street Team.

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